Features & Benefits

Information, Consolidation and Accessibility

One of the key features of CS is that it can provide an organization a single web based environment for the interactive management of its data. This can include the public 'face' of its web site as well as resources, events, client/customer or employee information within an intranet.

  • Most of our sites have several 'portals' or views on the same information base such as a public or sales/brochure view, with login areas for clients or employees. All set with different access levels and permissions.
  • Sites also have a back-end or administration area where employees login to manage all data through web based forms.
  • Some clients use CS more for intranets to specifically manage employee data like time sheets, assets, travel or other business type application.


Why pay staff to keep customer data up to date when you can get your customers to update their own data? CS allows them to interact directly with your web site, post blogs, place orders and pay for goods or services and check on the status of orders.

  • Our clients all have logins and can access the portion of our site designed especially for them. They can submit help tickets, make suggestions, access our online documentation.
  • A common time saver is to have job application forms online. All the applicants' data is filled out by them. No more re-typing of hand filled application forms.

Cost and Time Savings

Its not uncommon for an organization to manage several different applications all from different vendors. One application for web content management, one for blogging, another for a calendar and yet another for a shopping cart.

The cost and time to integrate these applications or to cross relate the information within them can be enormous. It can be much more cost effective to have a custom integrated solution tailored to your exact needs.

  • Sometimes, an off-the-shelf solution only does 70% of what you want and is inflexible.
  • We have a long and successful track record of implementing a complete range of web based applications.